Himachal students set record for practicing yoga


Rampur (Himachal Pradesh), June 18: Eleven students of Himachal Pradesh have made records by practising yoga ‘asanas’ for long duration to enter the Golden Book of World Records, an official claimed on Sunday.

Golden Book of World Records national head Alok Kumar told IANS that 11 students became young achievers at a yoga camp held in Rampur town on June 15.

Of these, 10 have been registered for the first time while one new record has been made, he said.

Student Kaushalya has set a record for performing ‘paschimottanasana’ or seated-forward bend for longer duration.

The 18-year-old girl said for the past six months she had been coming daily to Rampur town along with other students of her age to learn and practice yoga.

“Every morning at 4.30 we go to Rampur, which is four kilometers from our village, on foot to learn yoga, which helps connecting mind with body, besides ensuring perfect health,” the Class XII student told IANS.

Rampur town is 120 km from the state capital. Most students like Kaushalya are from Ghanvi and nearby villages.

Anuj, 14, made a record of doing ‘sirsasana’ or headstand sequence with a record of two hours and 25 minutes in one go.

Likewise, Isha, 12, created a record in ‘sarvangasana’, popularly known as the shoulder stand, Srujal, 11, in ‘padmasana’ — a cross-legged posture which helps deepen meditation — and Aashit Chet in ‘surya namaskara’ or sun salutation.

“Sirsasana builds up your strength and courage if you practice it regularly. I am practicing more now to break my own record,” an elated Anuj said.

Kumar said Aashit has broken the previous record of doing ‘surya namaskara’ 1,230 times at one stretch. “I have made a record of doing ‘surya namaskara’ 1,401 times in one go.”

Their yoga exponent Ranjit said the students who made the record are less than 18 years of age and they have learnt the exercises in less than a month.

He said more than 200 people attended the yoga camp daily.


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