Hillary Clinton stumbles as Bernie Sanders wins West Virginia

Bernie Sanders  defeated  Hillary Clinton in the West Virginia primary giving a signal that her march towards Democratic  nomination is set to be rocky  and setting back  her  efforts to turn to the general election against Donald Trump.

While Republican  presumptive nominee Donald Trump won primaries in West Virginia. Clinton has amassed a big delegate and popular vote lead and is still overwhelmingly likely to be the Democratic nominee.

But Sanders’s drubbing of Clinton has important implications for Bernie’s ability to fight for his platform ahead of the Democratic convention.

Clinton is almost certainly going to be the nominee as  Sanders victory of any size in West Virginia wouldn’t dislodge Mrs. Clinton from her commanding position in a primary fight that has outlasted the Republican contest

Sanders could still win more of the “pledged delegates”  those chosen by the voters at the ballot box  than Hillary Clinton.

West Virginia offers only 29 Democratic delegates and, under party rules that award them on a proportional basi.,

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