High-Voltage campaign in UP :BJP’s desperation, Confident Mayawati

UP polls

The high decibel campaign by political parties in Uttar Pradesh has come to an end. All the leaders of the key parties BSP, Samajwadi Party, BJP and Congress were seen engaged in luring the Nishads, backwards affiliated to Peace party and Muslims which could turn the outcome of at least 40 seats in the region. With prime minister Narendra Modi playing a religious card  by offering prayers in Temple,taking blessings from seers, doing roadshows for consecutive three days in Varanasi , his parliamentary constituency  and the third day ended with door to door campaigning on foot also shows the inner anxiety and desperation of Modi.

The issues such as effect of demonetisation on people’s livelihood , unemployment, waiving off loans of farmers, aspirations of the people  dominated the Poorvanchal campaign .Modi even addressed a rally of farmers in Rohaniya ,about 200 km from Varanasi to consolidate his vote bank and secure a victory in eastern UP.

The last phase of Uttar Pradesh assembly elections is very crucial for BJP  and it is visible with the entire cabinet  of Modi government being busy in campaigning in Poorvanchal as 17 percent of voters belonged to Nishad community comprising the Mallah, Majhi, Gond, Kewat ,Rajbhar, Kahar and Kashyap. This community along with voters affiliated with the peace party will upset the calculations of any of the key parties contesting the elections because they feel threatened by water taxis and the impact of demonetisation of their livelihood.

Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi showed the direction of his party in solving unemployment stating that Congress-SP alliance will make UP “the factory of the world” which signifies that youth will find employment  on a major scale .He also addressed 80 rallies in UP elections to highlight his alliance agenda against Modi’s communal approach.

While Union Minister Giriraj Singh’s pronouncements that there will be rollback of  minority status to Muslims in India will  drive away Muslim voters who favoured BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha Polls  . Thus Modi’s slogan of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas  stands meaningless.

The campaigning on such a massive scale by Modi in eastern UP has been done on the realisation that BJP has lost western UP due to Jats  observing black days and demanding reservation in government jobs which has not so far being met  .

Uttar Pradesh has never seen such a high voltage campaigning where BJP deployed all its resources and time with even filthy and derogatory language of Shamshaan and Kabristan  and power distribution  during Diwali and Ramzan.

Meanwhile BSP chief Mayawati appears to be emerging as the single largest party by focusing on the Dalit-Muslim formula  and Congress may ally with it after the March 11 outcome. There are chances that BJP may not end up losing the UP elections.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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