Here’s how you can hold back your broken relationship

New Delhi,  24 November: Getting cheated or cheating is one of the most heartbreaking for all of us. It is a violation of the foundation of a relationship which severs a trust.

A relationship without trust is nothing. But, it is possible to rebuild the trust and save a relation with your love partner if you are in a broken relationship.

Broken trust

It is not the affair, but the breach of trust that shatters relationships. So, when it comes to recovery, both of you must work together to rebuild trust and make some little efforts, go more few miles. The first thing is being loyal about each and everything – from the extent of the relation, to how one feels about the other one.

“It’s true that once glass is broken it cannot be the same but you can melt the glass and give it a new shape.”

If you want to confess, be straight out because information about the affair comes in pieces, it can be difficult to heal. Every time one learns something new about their partner’s involvement with the other person from other sources hurts more and the trust start to shatters. The hurt one might end up feeling that their partner is withholding some secrets or hiding something which is not at all a good sign for a  relationship and the sparkling of your love start fading.

broken hurt

Talk about the things which you think is missing between both of you so that you can fill that space with love and true affection. The one who has been cheated on may want to keep an eye on you and giving you a second chance means that person doesn’t want to break it.  So if your partner wants your passwords of phones or social media accounts for some time and asking you about your plans and whereabouts keep allowing because that is a part of the process of rebuilding trust.


Remember, trust has been broken, and if you want to save the relationship, you must do whatever is needed to rebuild it. Whenever there’s a rough patch or hard time in a relationship, It’s better to aim for a new equilibrium and harmony, rather than trying to rejuvenate what you once shared.

For all you know, you might come out stronger, with a deeper understanding of each other and yourselves!

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