Hello Kitty-themed bullet train unveiled in Japan

Hello Kitty Train

Tokyo, June 30: Japan on Saturday unveiled kids favourite “Hello Kitty” themed high-speed Shinkansen train on Saturday. 

Pink and white are the key colours in the 500 series bullet train, which will run for three months and make two trips a day between the city of Fukuoka and Osaka as a tourist attraction, according to West Japan Railway Company.

The train unveiled on Saturday has feline motifs everywhere – both in the interior and outside – with seats, passages, windows and doors displaying detailed images and colours of the character, reports Efe news.

There is no seat in the first coach of the train and it has been redesigned to showcase regions of Japan and to allow passengers to buy products and food across the country.

Another coach allows fans to pose with a huge Hello Kitty figure dressed in the uniform of the train’s crew.

Photo Credit: Getty Image

The famous character has become immensely popular since it was made in 1974 by illustrator Yoko Shimizu to decorate a coin purse sold by the Japanese firm Sanrio.

In 2015, the West Japan Railway Company launched a “Hogwarts Express” Harry Potter themed bullet train that ran between Osaka to Kagoshima.


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