Heartless! Father takes daughter’s life after fail to count


In a shocking incident of Balapur village near Aurangabad where a father’s punishment became the life ending point to a minor daughter.

Six year old who was unaware of the life seeking moment of her life was choked to death by her father when he lost his cool over daughter Bharti’s failure to count numbers, near Aurangabad, police said.

The incident held on July 9 at Balapur village, 250 km from Aurangabad, when Sanjay Kute was reviewing Bharti’s homework and at one point when she couldn’t count numbers, the furious father thrashed her and then forced her to swallow an onion as punishment which resulted in her death.

“Bharti recited numerals from 1 to 12, but stumbled thereafter, which enraged Raju. He was so livid that he took an onion and stuffed it in her throat, following which she choked to death,” police said.

Raju Kute, in an effort to hide his crime, quietly buried his daughter’s body near a crematorium, police said.father-wefornewsBharti’s mother witnessed the incident and along with her son filed the complaint against her husband which led to the accused arrest.mother-wefornews Meanwhile, the child’s body has been recovered and the remains have been sent for post mortem.

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