Headley had married thrice


Mumbai, Feb 8 : Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist-turned-approver David Coleman Headley on Monday revealed in a special court here that he was a much-married man, and had in fact been married thrice.

Replying to questions from Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam, Headley admitted before Special Judge G.A. Sanap that he had married Shazia Gilani, then Portia Peters, followed by Faiza Outelha.

When Nikam asked him whether he was a “married person”, Headley, 56, replied in the affirmative and said he was married in 1999.

Though Nikam made it clear that he did not want to dwell on his personal life, he asked: “How many wives you have?” Headley gave the name of Shazia Gilani.

Asked who was Portia Peters, Headley said, “I was also married to her”, and later about Faiza, he added: “She was my third wife, I married her in 2007.”

Headley said his third wife Faiza was also known as Faizala Christiana and she was from Morocco. He also verified her email id in the court.

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