Hayler cheats his wife Katie Price with no control

Katie price

London, Aug 30: TV personality Katie Price caught her husband Kieran Hayler cheating on her with their children’s nanny.

“I’m just shocked. Kieran is absolutely devastated. I’m like, ‘Well you’re devastated but you’ve done this to me.’ But he doesn’t want to lose me. He does need help, he does have an addiction,” the former model said.

“I love him… There’s no future for us at the moment, he needs to get help. I do feel sorry for him because he does need help,” she added.

Former stripper Hayler has said he knows his behaviour is wrong but he can’t “stop himself” from cheating on his wife.

“I asked him what went through his head … He knows he’s got a problem because he said when it happens he gets like a faze, he can’t stop it. He knows it’s wrong but he can’t stop it. He needs to but he has to do it on his own accord. I tried my hardest the first time but how many times do you forgive someone,” Price said.

She is keeping him at their home because it’s unfair on their two children Jett, 4, and Bunny, 3.

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