Having food with Dalits will not bring any electoral gains for BJP: Udit Raj

Udit Raj , BJP
HT Photo

New Delhi, May 4: Opposing BJP’s outreach programme Gram Swaraj Abhiyan, party MP Udit Raj said it would not bring any electoral gains to the party, instead it makes Dalits feel “inferior”.

The programme was launched by the saffron party after Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month asked all party MPs and ministers to spend time in villages having more than 50 percent scheduled caste population.

“This is my social view. I can have a personal view. Not only the party but the whole country, the ‘Sawarn Samaj’ (upper caste) should think about it. Now, just eating food will not help, it makes them feel inferior,” news agency PTI quoted Raj’s Tweet.


Although, Delhi MP said he went by the party dictate but did not believe that such a move would benefit the BJP.

“I personally believe it will not help the party. But, its a programme of the party so I extend my support to it,” he told PTI.

Raj also stated that the Dalits and the tribals across the country are getting frustrated and questioned the silence of academicians and intellectuals on it.

“Why Dalits/tribals are getting frustrated day by day in all over the country, need to be studied. Why academia/intelligentsia are not thinking/writing the reasons behind? In a short visit to Vishakhapatanam same is noticed what is in North India,” he tweeted.

Citing defeat of the Congress in elections despite Gandhi having food with Dalit families, Raj said that a “lesson needs to be learnt from this”.


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