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Have a look on 10 world’s Handsome Men



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Delhi, 19 Nov: Today is the Men’s International Day and on this day you can have a look on the  a list of 10 Most Handsome men in the word of year 12016-2017.


10. Tom Hiddlestontom-hiddleston-wefornewsA model and actor having appealing looks. He was born on 9th February 1981 in United Kingdom. He also recieved best new comer in a play Olivier Award. He worked in several block busters movies like The Deep Blue sea (2011), Midnight in Paris (2011) and Only Lovers Left Alive(2013).
9. Omar Borkan Al GalaOmar Borkan Al Gala-wefornews An attractive model born on 23rd September 1989 in Iraq, Omar Borkan have deep and piercing eyes.
8. Niall HoranNiall-Horan-main-wefornewsHe is a well known guitarist and Singer, born on 13th September 1993 in Ireland. His famous songs includes Summer Love, Same Mistakes etc. He also likes to play sports like Football and Golf.
7. Godfrey GaoGodfrey Gao-wefornewsGodfrey Gao, born on 22nd September 1984 is a model and actor From Canada. Girls are huge fan of his smile. He was also featured in few movies. Godfrey has worked with the Fashion Brand Louis Vuitton and was a first Asian boy who got the opportunity to model this brand.

6. Chris EvansChris Evans-wefornewsBorn on 13th June 1981 in the United States, Chris is an actor from America. He has worked earlier in a TV series ” Opposite Sex”.
He worked in movies like Caption America: Civil War, The Paper Boy, Fierce People, Fantistic Four etc.
5. Hrithik RoshanHrithik Roshan-wefornewsHrithik Roshan, a famous Bollywood actor was born on 10th January 1974 in India. His cute looks and attractive eyes are liked by all. His first movie was Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

4. Prince William Prince William-wefornewsPrince William is the one of the most handsome personality. Hw was born on 21st June 1982 in United Kingdom. He also served in the Royal Air Force Service.
3. Noah MillsNoah-Mills11-minNoah Mills, a model and actor with the hottest looks was born on 26th April 1983, in Canada. He has worked in films like Sex and City 2, Happu New Year, Wracked, A fisher of Men etc.
2. Ian Somerhaldersomerhalder-wefornewsIan Somerhalder, a model and actor having attractive blue eyes which hypnotise girls. He started his modelling career from very small age of 12-14 years. He worked in movies like Life as a House, The Rules of Attraction etc. As a director also he has done TV series like The Vampire diaries etc.
1. Robert PattinsonRobert PattinsonRobert Pattinson, the most charming and loving personality. Hw was born on 13th May 1986 in United Kingdom. He is a model, actor and a musician also. He started his modelling career from the age of 12 years.
He inspired people with his acting skills with movies like Ring of the Nibelungs, Little Ashes, Maps to the Stars, Queen of the Desert etc.

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4 cups of coffee daily may boost heart functions in elderly




London, June 25: Drinking four cups of coffee daily might be a healthy addiction, especially in older adults, as it can enhance the function of heart cells as well as help recover from heart attacks, say researchers.

The study, conducted on mice showed that coffee promotes movement of a regulatory protein into mitochondria — cell powerhouse — which then enhances their function to protect cardiovascular cells from damage.

The protein called p27, an inhibitor of the cell cycle, was present in mitochondria in the major cell types of the heart.

In these cells, mitochondrial p27 promoted migration of endothelial cells, protected heart muscle cells from cell death and triggered the conversion of fibroblasts into cells containing contractile fibres — all crucial for repair of heart muscle after myocardial infarction or heart attack, and did so at a concentration that is reached in humans by drinking four cups of coffee, the researchers said.

“Our results indicate a new mode of action for caffeine, one that promotes protection and repair of heart muscle through the action of mitochondrial p27,” said Judith Haendeler from Heinrich-Heine-University’s Medical Faculty in Germany.

“…enhancing mitochondrial p27 could serve as a potential therapeutic strategy not only in cardiovascular diseases but also in improving health span,” she added.

In the study, published in the journal PLOS Biology, the team found that caffeine was protective against heart damage in pre-diabetic, obese mice, and in aged mice.

“These results should lead to better strategies for protecting heart muscle from damage, including consideration of coffee consumption or caffeine as an additional dietary factor in the elderly population,” Haendeler said.


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What women from Delhi-NCR order most online?




New Delhi, June 25: Online shopping is a continuously growing trend in India and the numbers of both sellers and buyers are increasing daily by whopping percentages. Without anyone’s surprise, women are the most active online shoppers for groceries and they are far more likely to seek information, entertainment and advice ‘on the go’!

Prashant Verma, Vice President, Marketing, Grofers, shares insights on the product categories which are popular among female customers in Delhi-NCR.

* Grocery: Women in Delhi-NCR never want to run short of daily use items like atta, rice, pulses, salt, sugar, cooking oil, spices, and toiletries. The key reason behind ordering these items online is its availability at a lesser price compared to super markets, every day. Grofers has over 400,000 users shopping only from this category, every month.

* Baby care products: The new mothers of Delhi-NCR are fond of online shopping too! Baby care items are one of the high selling product categories and products like baby soaps, talcum powders, creams, oils and diapers are ordered extensively on the online grocery platform and contribute to a 50 per cent retention on the platform.

* Home decor items: Love of decorating their homes is an inseparable part of any woman. Women online shoppers of Delhi-NCR love to brighten up their home by ordering drapes, cushion covers, table mats, rugs, carpets and wall-hangings.

Anshul Khandelwal, Head of Marketing at Foodpanda, gives in some of the trends basis user behaviour on the platform.

* Experimentative: Women are a key contributor to our customer base and are more likely to be experimentative with their food choices according to the trends we are witnessing at Foodpanda. We are seeing an uptake of international cuisines such as Lebanese, European, Mediterranean, Mexican and others by our women consumers.

* Satiating their sweet tooth: Ice creams, shakes and smoothies are picking up as home productsa category among women with about 15 per cent increase.

* Health conscious: Women are as health conscious today as the men who order food online. We witness both men and women are at par when it comes to searching for and ordering healthy bites on the platform.

* Early Dinner: Women users generally order their dinners earlier than the men. We see around 20 per cent spike in the orders placed by women between 7 and 8.30 pm.

Ayush Agarwal, Founder, Dezertfox, says that most of the females shoppers from South Delhi have their inclination for new age desserts like:

* Shoppers from Connaught Place and Greater Kailash region in New Delhi are fond of chocolate. Most of the order are for Choco Mocha Pudding and Chocolate Cakes. No wonder women like chocolate the most!

* Shoppers from South Delhi, especially Green Park and Amar Colony region, tend to show their love for new age dessert and seasonal flavours like Banoffee Pies and other cakes like Red Velvet, Tiramisu and others.


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Personal hygiene tips for hair, skin



New Delhi, June 23: Live a healthy life, keep yourself happy starting with your own body and then mind. For starters shampoo a maximum of two to three times a week. If you sweat a lot, invest in an alcohol-free and sulfate-free dry shampoo, and cover your mouth while sneezing, coughing and washing your hands frequently to avoid transmitting germs, experts suggest.

Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop India, and Rohit Murgai, category expert at VLCC Healthcare Pvt limited, have listed few points which are important for personal hygiene:

* For neat hair and breathable skin, bathe regularly to get away from the toxins and maintain a personal hygiene.

Use antiperspirants that decreases sweating and perspiration. Keep a fragrant body roll-on handy. For hair, regularly go for hair spas and condition your hair for a smooth and silky hair.

* Keep you skin hydrated and cover it up using a sunscreen. Also, make sure you keep a pore minimiser handy for face. Opt for SPF for skin protection as not only in sun but also indoors.

* Wash your scalp regularly and when needed. More importantly, don’t forget to rinse your hair after swimming and exercising.

* Combing or brushing too hard can increase the frizzy look. It also damages the cuticles, leads to hair breakage, and can become a cause of hair loss in the humidity. Try to minimize the number of times you would need to comb your hair. Add bounce and volume by going through it again with a nylon-bristle brush.

* Regular exfoliation of the skin is required, so exfoliate your skin on regular basis too know the needs of your skin and hair. You can scrub your skin and hair to remove the dirt and get away using the skin and hair scrubs.

* You must moisturise your hair with a hair mask or a fruit mask to increase blood circulation. For skin always keep your lotions or light weight sorbets ready for a healthy and smooth skin.

* Opt for Regular detox maintaining a detox diet and detox water. This helps to cleanse the body and bring in a natural glow.

* Do not forget to take care o your skin. Keep a lip conditioner or lip butter in your beauty pouch with SPF to keep them hydrated and screened all day long.

* Due to increased levels of sebum secretion, coupled with a lot of humidity and moisture in the air, hair tends to get all frizzy, unmanageable and unruly. Scalp gets too itchy and general levels of a having a bad hair day peak up. Use products with genuine argan oil to moisturise hair.

* Shampooing daily will strip your scalp off its natural oils that work to keep your hair manageable. Shampoo a maximum of two to three times a week. If you sweat a lot, invest in an alcohol-free and sulfate-free dry shampoo. But do use water to rinse the scalp as often as you may need.

* Indulge in a lot of deep conditioning treatments and hair spa in the summer. Try replacing your shampoo with a mask once a week. Rinse hair with water, apply the mask for a few minutes, rinse again, and air-dry.

* Body hair should be properly cleaned otherwise, sweat gets accumulated and can cause skin infection. Get regular waxing done, as it is not cosmetic but rather a health prerogative. Waxing and laser hair removal are your best options for removing body hair.

* Due to heat and sweat, acne often tends to aggravate, resulting in a breakout. If you have acne prone skin, cleansing is very important. Make sure to use a good anti-acne face wash for best results.

* Our skin tends to be oilier during sticky summer days. To help control it, use a toner to get rid of any excess oil. Toning removes all the stuff left behind on the skin after washing, such as makeup, dead skin cells or residue left from the cleanser.

* Good personal hygiene also includes covering your mouth while sneezing and coughing, washing your hands frequently to avoid transmitting germs.


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