Haryana Chief Minister Khattar gets into heated argument with journalist

Manohar Lal Khattar

Chandigarh, July 7 : Chief Minister  Manohar lal Khattar entered  into a heated argument with a journalist when asked what action Haryana government has taken on the issue of delay  for addressing  the grievances received on ‘CM window’.

When a reporter asked the chief minister repeatedly about the action taken by him, Khatter got ferocious and questioned the journalist, “Why are you accusing the government or me , Media can only ask question it has no right to blame .”

“Media has not right to blame they are the medium to transmit the news and I know better , I suspended two officials yesterday.”

Journalist asked about the inquiry and the action being done over the delay in redressal of grievances received on ‘CM window’ as multiple complaints have been filed at CM Window.


Reluctant to give response to the journalist’s specific question,Khattar ended the matter, saying, ” First you go and learn etiquette, I will not listen to you.”

Hundreds of complaints have been filed  at CM window  and in April  2018, multiple complaints have been filed at CM Window against the illegal colony. The district town planner(enforcement), in his report, had mentioned that the illegal colony was removed from the area in 2014-15 but it was developed again.

Khattar has  been holding road shows across the state.




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