‘Harish Rawat more concerned about becoming CM than serving people’

The Congress however has not announced Harish Rawat as its chief ministerial face.
Harish Rawat Congress

New Delhi : Hitting out at Congress leader Harish Rawat, the BJP said that he is more concerned about becoming Chief Minister than serving the people of Uttarakhand.

Recently Harish Rawat had said that he would be either Chief Minister or sit at home.

Uttarakhand BJP spokesperson Ravinder Jugran told IANS that it indicates that Rawat is more focused on becoming chief minister and least interested about issues concerning people of state. “It also shows that through such comments Rawat is also threatening Congress ‘high command’ and people that he will not serve the state if he is not made chief minister,” Jugran said.

Jugran claimed that Rawat’s comment indicates that he is more self-centred. “Such comment is not expected from a matured politician like Rawat, instead the former chief minister has said that he will serve the people of Uttarakhand till his last breath. But unfortunately he is more concerned about the chief minister ship than the people,” Jugran said.

Taking a dig at differences in the Congress state leadership, Jugran said that the internal fight of Congress has reached such a level that their leaders already started fighting for the chief minister’s post even weeks before declaration of result.

“The comment also shows Rawat’s disconnect with the ground reality, Congress has lost people’s support. People are with the BJP and it will be reflected in the election result on March 10. Congress will face humiliating defeat and BJP will form Government with a massive mandate,” Jugran added.

Another Uttarakhand BJP leader also claimed that through his comment Rawat started mounting pressure upon Congress central leadership well before declaration of results. “Rawat’s comment shows the state of affairs in the Congress in Uttarakhand and he is pressuring party leadership to make him chief minister if they win. However, the whole exercise will turn futile as BJP will form the next government,” he said.

The Congress however has not announced Harish Rawat as its chief ministerial face.

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