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Happy Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti

New Delhi, April 11: The birth date of Hanuman is known as Hanuman Jayanti. This auspicious day is celebrated by devotees across the world desperately by visiting temples. This year, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on April 11.

Hanuman is described as son of Vaayu god, pious follower of Lord Ram and one of the strong characters of Ramayana. Known for his strong will, grit and physical energy.Devotees worship him to ward off evil and any other troubles that have been affecting them.

Many devotees celebrate this day by putting a tilak of vermillion on their foreheads  and also observe whole day fast. In several parts of India, people celebrate the festival in the month of December.

On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, chant the mantra to seek blessings.

Manojavam Maruta Tulyavegam

Jitendriyam Buddhimatam Varishtham

Vatatmajam Vanara Yuthamukhyam

Sri Rama Dutam Sharanam Prapadye


The one who is swifter than mind and faster than the wind,

The one who governs the senses, and the one who is an ocean of knowledge,

The son of the God of Wind and the chief of the Vanaras,

Oh the messenger of Shri Rama, I seek refuge at your feet.

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