Happy Birthday Nawazuddin Siddiqui

New Delhi, May 19: Son of a farmer from a small UP town called Budhana brilliantly made his appearance in bollywood movies.Today he turns 43, achieved many awards for remarkable performances in the films.

He is a trained actor,who interprets the medium in a deeply personal way with his natural looks and efforts.Of course, much of that maturity of the craft comes from his own personal failures.

Nawazuddin, a TV reject, was no more than a junior artist on a film set. He agreed to even one-minute film roles hoping that the “one-minute role would lead to two-minute ones.”

Some extra-ordinary roles of Nawazuddin Siddiqui:-

In this movie, he has portrayed a deputy-in-charge of Intelligence Bureau (IB), A. Khan. The character is very aggressive, commanding, arrogant and rude. His stature has shown aggression, arrogance through his voice, energy, acting and dialogue delivery.

Manjhi: The Mountain Man
A romantic love story where Siddiqui plays the role of a man who dug a mountain using only a hammer and a chisel to carve a road through a treacherous mountain for twenty-two years because her better half slipped on it and died.

Gangs of Wasseypur
A story of vengeance by a coal mafia Faisal Khan. How he romantically talks to his wife played by Huma Qureshi makes for a role which keeps you hooked.

The Lunchbox
In one of his best performances in the movie. His annoying, comic smile and persistence, mirroring a simple man called Shaikh made his role powerful.

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