Happy and Prosperous Diwali

New Delhi, Oct 27: Diwali is a festival of  light and happiness.

After the celebration of Dussehra, the luminous delights of Diwali has  brought up, and the festive seasons starts from 28 October Dhanteras, and the main Diwali taking is taking place on 30th October.


As Diwali is the festival of Hindus but it is also celebrated by all religions,be it Muslim,Sikh, Christian, it is celebrated very enthusiastically. The  reason behind celebrating Diwali is the return of Lord Rama at his home Ayodhya, with his wife and brother Laxmana, after 14-years of  exile after getting victory over King Ravan of the Lanka.

Diwali 11

Just 3 days left to celebrate Diwali! However, with the festive season all ahead, People have started preparing for the festivals, buying chiming  temple bells, oil lamps, crackers, fairy lights, firework and so on…


Homes are decorated with flower garlands and bedecked with elaborate rangoli patterns.


Diwali symbolises the victory of truth ever over the evil. Let the light shine bright in you this Diwali.

Wefornews Wishes all a very happy preparation for diwali.

Wefornews Bureau

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