Handy tips to enjoy adventure sports

adventure sports

New Delhi, July 21: From riding a wave to jumping off a cliff, the thrill that an adventure sport gives you is unmatched. However, when you attempt an extreme sport like cliff jumping and base jumping, you put your life at risk. Be mentally prepared and listen to instructions carefully to be safe, say experts.

Here’s a checklist shared by experts from digital marketplace Paytm Travel, travel meta search engine Ixigo and online experiential travel platform Wandertrails that you must go through if adrenaline rush is on your mind:

* The most important thing is to be mentally prepared and excited about the sport you are attempting. Ask yourself if you actually want to do it or is it just peer pressure. Go ahead only if you are confident.

* If you suffer from vertigo, acrophobia, asthma or any heart disease, refrain from attempting such sports. Make sure that you are in pink of health and in case of minor ailments, take your doctor’s advice.

* Follow everything that your trainers say to avoid any unforeseen situation. Ensure that you are not making too much noise and the trainer is audible enough for everyone.

* At times of sudden thrust or fall, you may temporarily injure your knees, elbows and other body parts. Ensure that you are wearing proper safety gear. Don’t forget your helmet. Wear appropriate protective padding if possible. This could include knees pads, elbow pads and wrist pads.

* Take a lesson. It’s important to see others doing the sport and practice it to feel more confident. Do your research before attempting a sport and get as many tips and instructions as possible.

* A proper warm-up is needed to keep muscles and joints flexible. Be sure to warm-up the muscles you’ll be working.

* Don’t wear clothes that have chances of tearing or that may be uncomfortable while doing the sport.

* Don’t take pictures while doing the sport. It can be extremely dangerous. Focus on what you are there for and make the best out of it.

* It’s better when you do it along with a friend or a family member. It not only gives you more confidence while attempting it, but in case of an unforeseen situation, having someone you can count on, can be very helpful.

* Check about the company before you risk your life, ask as many questions as possible about their high safety and risk management procedures. Choose a company that has been in the business for a while and is popular among the masses.

* Before you opt for any adventure sport, make sure you carry a valid photo ID with yourself to prove your age.

* While you are all set to jump, it is very important to take deep breaths which will help to relax your body and mind.

* You are sure to hear a lot of crazy stories and false notions regarding the jump. Don’t let them get to you. Believe in yourself and power through.

* It will be over before you know it, make sure to take it all in and enjoy each and every moment.


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