Haitian PM Lafontant resigns amid fuel price protests

Port-au-Prince, July 15 : Haitian Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant resigned on Saturday after days of violent protests against fuel price rises.

He announced his rsignation during a session in the lower house of the Parliament in which he was to face a no-confidence vote.There had been calls for a vote of no-confidence in Mr Lafontant in Congress during the riots.

The session was held after violent protests erupted last weekend over fuel-price hikes in which four people were killed and many shops were looted. Later the government scrapped the fuel price hike.


Before coming here, I presented my resignation to the president of the republic,” Lafontant said about 10 minutes into his speech to the chamber in which he defended his tenure, shirked responsibility for the unrest and said Haitians today have a model in him.

The deputies had called on the prime minister to answer questions after riots erupted from July 6-8 to protest the government’s attempt to raise fuel prices by up to 51 percent as part of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund. At least seven people died and dozens of businesses were looted or destroyed.

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