Gurugram Hospital under scanner after woman’s hand Turns Black

Gurugram Black Hand
Gurugram Black Hand

Gurugram, May 30 : A 34-year-old woman’s left hand turned black due to infection after she was administered an antibiotic injection at a private hospital located in Dundahera village of Gurugram.

The woman was given the injection after undergoing an abortion on April 23. Woman’s husband has filed a complaint of negligence against the hospital at the district’s health department.

The woman Vinita, is currently residing with her husband Sarfaraz in Gurugram’s Chakkarpur village. Sarfaraz alleged that on April 23, he and his wife had visited Park Hospital located in Dundahera village of Gurugram for an abortion. “After the abortion, the doctors at the hospital administered my wife an antibiotic injection which caused a reaction in her body. The doctors informed us that the right hand will have to be amputated as the reaction is spreading,” Sarfaraz said.

“Despite negligence on the part of the hospital they are not willing to accept our request and are asking for a huge amount for the operation,” he added.

“My wife had been operated on April 23 and was discharged on the same day. Since then she has been suffering severe pain and the very next day on April 24 we again visited the hospital and the doctors changed her medicine. On April 25, an ultrasound of the hand was conducted and later we were referred to the RML hospital in Delhi,” Sarfaraz said.

He stated that at RML hospital the doctors told him that infection has spread in her hand due to reaction of an antibiotic injection and if the hand was operated upon within 6-8 hours then there was no need to amputate the hand. But since he had reached the hospital four days later, now the hand will have to be amputated to stop further infection.

Sarfraz said his wife was the sole breadwinner of the family as he was jobless due to covid-19 and have no food to eat. Recently an NGO had provided the family with some eatables. He also claimed that now he has no money for his wife’s operation.

Meanwhile, Chief Medical officer of Gurugram Dr Virender Yadav told IANS, that “In connection with the matter the health department did not receive any complaint. Once the matter will be reported an action will be initiated against the hospital”.

No one from the hospital management was available for comments.

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