Gujarat may identify corona suspects with coloured wristbands

coronavirus cases
coronavirus cases

New Delhi, Following COVID-19 scare in the country, the Gujarat government is mulling identifying the coronavirus-infected patients through coloured wristbands before discharging them after the observation period or treatment.

“Unlike other states where suspects or patients are being identified through stamping, our government is considering that such suspects, who undergo the 24-hours observation, the 14-day isolation or treatment, be given coloured wrist-bands according to their status after the discharge.

This could be done so that when they go out in public, people would know their condition and stay cautioned,” said Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel on Thursday in the ongoing budget session of the state assembly.

The Deputy CM, who is also the Health Minister, was responding to a question raised by Vadodara MLA Manisha Vakil in the Assembly.

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