Gujarat Businessman surrendering Rs 6000 crore: False

The real picture came into play only when Laljibhai’s office was contacted. The entire story of surrendering saga came out as fake. The news was confirmed by InUth web portal which took the initiative to call the diamond merchant’s office for the credibility of the information.

Earlier it was a news that a very famous diamond merchant Laljibhai Patel is surrendering Rs 6000 crores and the entire nation started praising PM Narendra Modi and his government for such success of demonization policy.  But nobody has given a second thought on its authenticity or the actual story behind this news. When the truth came into light it was as surprising as the rumour only the difference lies in the time when it was reported from the house’s mouth.

Before the news would make more wonders, the ongoing cash chaos in the country, Laljibhai Patel became a social media sensation when it was reported that a Suraj-based businessman has gifted cars and flats to his employees during Diwali. Additionally, he is donating Rs.200 cr to 10 girls in order to support their education. Laljibhai is the same person who bought Narendra Modi’s suit that staged the controversy when US President Barack Obama had come in India for a visit. Also, he is the seventh richest jeweler of the nation with a net worth of around $480 million.


Wefornews bureau


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