Guatemala volcano erupts again, force rescuers to evacuate


El Rodeo, June 6: Number of villagers and rescue workers were evacuated just before the latest eruption of Guatemala volcano on Wednesday. 

According to Xinhua news agency, the volcano erupted again on Tuesday forcing thousands of rescuers to abruptly suspend the search for victims, Xinhua news agency reported.

So far at least 192 people have been reported missing after the eruption of the highly active Fuego volcano in Guatemala and the death toll has reached 75, said authorities.

Sergio Cabanas, Executive Secretary of the National Coordination for Disaster Reduction of Guatemala (CONRED), stated the number of injuries remains at 46, while 1.7 million people have been affected with the disaster. Around 3,271 people have been displaced and 2,625 relocated to temporary shelters.

The Fuego volcano erupted around noon on Sunday and lava began unleashing in the afternoon. As per CONRED, the eruption is “the strongest one recorded in recent years”.


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