Groom stranded in bank queue on wedding day


Shahpur ,Ahmedaba, Nov 11 : Everyone wants glowing skin, feel special, take rest, feel on the top of the mountain, on the day of a  wedding . But for 24-years-old Shoeb Shaikh, an auto rikshaw driver, he had to stand for four hours in a queue and got a sunburnt at RBI headquarters on his wedding day on Saturday.

Shoeb who lives in Shahpur area was in a queue at RBI bank as he was wearing a white shirt and trousers drenched with auspicious turmeric and vermilion. He was also frustrated and in a greater hurry than others, as he was to marry in the evening, but he was still in the queue half way through the afternoon.

Shoeb was fortunate enough to receive his money at about 3 pm, just half an hour before RBI closed its gates. Soon after he dashed off to his home to prepare for the marriage as he had to pay some token amount to decorators and caterers.
“I didn’t think I’d have to work so hard to get my own money, and that too on my wedding day .” he said .
“Had I not received the money, my marriage could have been canceled. The Prime Minister should have allowed Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as  a valid currency in marriages too,” Shoeb added.


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