Govt will seal area, shops if social distancing not followed: Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi, May 4 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday warned of sealing the area or shops where social distancing was not being followed, as the city entered the third phase of lockdown with certain relaxations.

Speaking to the media, he maintained his government has given only those relaxations which were approved by the Central government.

However, as the liquor shops opened on Monday in several areas in the city, people were found flouting social distancing — which was the main condition for re-opening of such shops.

“People were not following social distancing at some places. I felt very sad… We will have to take strict actions for the people, if rules are not followed. I don’t want to take any strict action but we have to do this for our people,” Kejriwal said.

He urged people to follow social distancing saying this is for the safety of the people.

“All the shops are open and will remain open. But if anywhere social distancing was not followed, we will have to seal the area and remove all the relaxations. The shop owners will be responsible and their shops will be sealed too, if social distancing was not followed.”

He urged people to ensure three things — wearing a mask, ensuring social distancing and using sanitizers.

“We have to promise that from now we will do all three things. This is not for me but for you and your family.”

Kejriwal said that this is the time that people should step out after about a 40-day lockdown.

“How long can we stay in lockdown. This is the time that we should step out. This is time to be a responsible citizen.”

He said the people of Delhi will defeat coronavirus just like they defeated dengue.

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