Govt not interested in supporting Andhra’s aspirations, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused the Narendra Modi government of ignoring the aspirations of the people of Andhra Pradesh by denying special status to the state.

“Unfortunately, the government of the day is not interested in supporting the aspirations of people of Andhra Pradesh. I have visited AP many a times to fight for special status, I have mentioned Polararam as well but the government of the day isn’t interested,” Gandhi said, addressing a delegation of Congress workers at party headquarters here.

He said the Congress party will ask the central government to grant special status to Andhra Pradesh. Congress workers have got one crore signatures for a petition from the people residing in Andhra Pradesh, demanding ‘special status’ for the state.

“We can exert pressure on government of India, that we can get special status and other demands that are rightfully yours,” Gandhi said while making a reference towards prime minister “that he only understands pressure”.

“The Congress party has managed to put pressure him (prime minister) on Land Bill that you have noticed and the budget after which it became the pro farmer budget. For two years, there was no interest of farmers, that they are dying didn’t matter, that they are committing suicide it also doesn’t matter, but Congress party exerted pressure and the budget became pro-farmer,” Gandhi added.

He also asked the Congress cadre to work hard to bring the party back in power in Andhra Pradesh.

“Today, you might not have large votes in AP but it’ll take little bit of hard work, we are going to help you and you’ll see that you’ll surprise yourself and come back to power much quicker than you think and lead AP once again,” Gandhi said.

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