Government yet to respond to Jamia protests, says Salman Khurshid

Salman Khurshid

New Delhi, Feb 19: Congress leader Salman Khurshid welcomed the Supreme Court’s move to appoint interlocutors to hold talks with the anti-CAA protesters at Shaheen Bagh but said government has not responded to the protests in Jamia Millia Islamia.

As the people in India are protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act,National Register of Citizens and National Population Register (NPR) .

“The move by Supreme Court to hold dialogues is very necessary, all solutions can come out of holding talks. I wish that a solution comes out soon,” he said.

As he took part in the anti-CAA, NRC, and NPR protests being held at Jamia gate number seven, the Congress leader said, “I come here regularly, it has now been more than two months but the government is yet to respond to this protest.”

Speaking about the upcoming visit of American President Donald Trump, Khurshid said that it is strange that the Gujarat government is building walls to “hide the reality of the state of affairs” ahead of the visit and added, “the truth will come out.”

The Assam experience has been bad with reports about a large number of bonafide citizens having been left out of the NRC, and there is still no clarity about how many illegal immigrants were identified in the exercise, which essentially asked every resident to prove her Indian citizenship.

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