Goa RSS-BJP rift a temporary drama: Congress


Congress has apparently said that the ongoing rift between RSS and BJP in Goa is merely an ego clash between Subhash Velingkar and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and that the dissimilarities would be mended soon.

“According to us, this is all a farce. The clash is actually between Parrikar and Subhash Velingkar (who heads a breakaway RSS faction in Goa),” Congress spokesperson Trajano D’Mello said on Saturday.

“They had both worked out a strategy to win the 2012 elections but Parrikar got away with all the credit,” D’Mello added.

Velingkar was dismissed as the RSS chief for the Goa region as RSS claimed that Velingkar had political ambitions and was therefore removed from the state Sangh Chalak post.

Over 300 Karyakartas from the Goa RSS unit has resigned in unanimity with Velingkar and later and later, Subhash Velingkar restored himself on the post.

Though, the Congress claimed that the clashes between the two (RSS-BJP) are temporary.

D’Mello said, “All this drama is temporary. Everything will be patched up.”

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