Go stylish with right scarves, jewellery

New Delhi, June 19: A simple scarf or jewellery can enhance your look and you don’t have to go for stylish and branded outfit.

Meesha and Trisha Khanna of brand Meesha Scarf share tips on how one can add scarves to be on-trend this monsoon:

* Scarves can save you on bad hair days as you can make a style or tie hair with scarf.

* Lightweight cotton malmal and handloom scarves protect you in a sunny outdoors and make you cool.

* Flairs of large scarf over your shoulders is a fashion staple nowadays.

* For a cool head gear, use scarf as a bandana or headband.

* Take your bun or pony-tail to the next level by wrapping a thin scarf around it and letting the tails flow free.

Gauri and Radhika Tandon, co-founders of Isharya, shared tips on choosing the right jewellery:

* Oversized hoop earrings make you look over the top.

* Classic ear studs and ear cuffs are trendy.

* Multiple layer chains and multi finger rings are an easy way to make a subtle statement.


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