Give details of AAP foreign tours, Kapil Mishra’s mother to Arvind Kejriwal

After Kapil Mishra , now his mother Annapoorna Mishra wrote letter to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal insisting him not to lie and give details about the foreign trips of AAP leaders.

Annapoorna Mishra , who is a BJP Leader said  in her letter she was proud of her son and his protest fast.

“I never thought Kapil would ask you questions and you would ignore them. Whenever I met you, you always talked about honesty in public life,” she added.

“You worked with Kapil but never understood him. He is very stubborn. He hasn’t eaten anything from last three days. As a mother, I request you to give him the small information what he has asked for,” she wrote , in an emotional appeal adding, “her son is not anybody’s agent but of the truth.”

Referring to old day Kapil Mishra’s mother said, “Remember when you visited my house and said – ‘I want to take Kapil in the party and make him contest the election but he is not listening’. He only wanted to be part of a movement, but you came to me saying you need him.”

(With inputs IANS)




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