Give Chandigarh in safe hands, Congress appeals to voters

Urging the women to vote for the Congress, she said the victory of Congress could lead to reduction in taxes.

Chandigarh, Dec 22 : All India Mahila Congress President Netta D’Souza on Tuesday called upon the women of the city to give Chandigarh in safe hands this time during the Municipal Corporation polls slated on December 24.

Addressing the media here, she said Chandigarh, which used to be known for its beautiful landscape, is now leading in the country in crime against women.

Quoting the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) data, she said the crime rate against women reported in the city gone up disturbingly high in recent years.

As per NCRB — 2020 report, Chandigarh has the highest rate of rape cases in the country with 75 per cent of the victims minors.

Urging the women to vote for the Congress, she said the victory of Congress could lead to reduction in taxes.

She charged the BJP-ruled civic body of misappropriating Rs 28 crore collected as Covid-19 cess from the people and Rs 200 crore received from the Central government as aid for Covid-19 victims.

“The city people are reeling under heavy burden of taxes. The water taxes have been increased three times.”

After winning the polls, the Congress, she said, will give a relief of about Rs 150 crore in taxes to the people of Chandigarh.

She urged the women to vote for the Congress candidates to make Chandigarh a safe place for the women.

Subhash Chawla, city Congress president, said if the party wins the municipal elections, the party would give 100 per cent relief in water tariff and property tax charged during the lockdown.

“The relief applies to all sections of Chandigarh residents. The amount charged during the lockdown shall be adjusted in the next bill and a resolution to this effect shall be passed in the very first meeting of the next corporation,” he promised.

Alka Lamba, national spokesperson for the party, slammed the BJP for inflation.

“While the people are suffering hardships due to mismanagement of the economy, Prime Minister Modi has spent more than Rs 5,000 crore on his publicity,” she added.

On the occasion, Congress leaders displayed the costly vegetables and LPG cylinders to highlight the plight of women, whose kitchen budget is causing them unbearable hardships.

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