Girl auction virginity to help her distressed family


New Delhi, 27 Oct: In an untoward case, a 20-year-old Seattle-based Katherine Stone’s dreams were reduced to ashes after her home burnt in a fire accident.

In the bid to help her family, the woman decided to auction off her virginity.

In the year 2014, Stone’s house in Seattle was burnt in a fire accident and as the house was not insured the family did not get any recovery on it. Stone started residing with her relatives for about eight months, but her parents continued to live in the burnt house.

One day Stone noticed an ad on Facebook and found that she could get money by working at any of the legal brothels in Nevada which is the only state where prostitution is legal.

Stone then contacted one of the owners of the seven brothels in Nevada, Daniel Hof and struck a deal. The deal includes her ‘selling’ her virginity and the owner keeping half of the profit.

Stone told that the highest bid has been over $400000, as on Monday, October 24, 2016.

Stone stepped in the business  to help her family and also to raise money for doing law course.

Wefornews Bureau

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