Germany fines Facebook $2.3mn for under-reporting content complaints


London, July 2 Germany on Tuesday slapped $2.3 million fine on Facebook’s Irish subsidiary for under-reporting illegal content complaints it received last year.

According to, the country’s Federal Office of Justice also complained about the lack of transparency in the Facebook report.

Facebook’s July 2018 report cited less complaints about illegal content than it actually received.

“This creates a distorted public image of the extent of illegal content and the way the social network deals with it,” the authority said in a statement.

Facebook can appeal against the ruling.

Earlier this month, Italy’s data protection regulator fined Facebook $1.1 million for mismanaging user data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The data of 87 million users was compromised in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Facebook is facing probes in several countries, including in the US.

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