Gehlot decrypts ‘beating the PM’ remark to defend Rahul

Ashok Gehlot
Ashok Gehlot, File Photo IANS

Jaipur, Feb 10 : Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot here on Monday defended former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s ‘beating the PM’ remark and said his words were misinterpreted for political reasons.

Last week Rahul Gandhi had said the youth would start beating Prime Minister Narendra Modi with stick after six months.

Defending Gandhi, Gehlot tweeted, “Hindi language comes with abhidha and vyanjana. While under the first part, anything is expressed in general and direct way, in the other part, there are indirect, sarcastic and idiomatic expressions.”

In other tweet, Gehlot said “When Rahul Gandhi used the word danda, it was a ‘vyanjanatmak’ use. He intended to say that the youth of India would punish Modiji due to anger. His words were misinterpreted for political gain and their intentions were not understood.”

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