Geared up for elections, BJP goes the “Ram” way once again

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BJP seems to have gathered the same old zeal for using Lord Ram in upcoming elections of UP. And the way Pm Modi enchanted “Jai Shree Ram”(Hail Lord Ram) at the Aishbagh Ramleela in Lucknow a few days back, it was being believed that BJP might move towards the same religious way again.

In addition to use Ram as a symbol for political lineage, The Cultural Affairs ministry had announced a new museum in the name of Lord Ram. Not only this, but there are some more government funded plans which are about to roll in the name of Lord Ram in upcoming days. Insiders in BJP claim that BJP wants to execute these plans before Supreme Court gives any verdict in the Ram Temple issue so that they can get the upper hand in the movement.

BJP wants to establish this museum as soon as possible and they had even chalked out a landscape of 25 acres which is about 15 kilometres from the disputed area. Union Minister for Culture and Tourism, Mahesh Sharma tweeted about his visit at the probable landscape on Tuesday and stated that he had found things well in place.

The proposed Ramayan Museum will showcase the life history and philosophy of Lord Ram and this museum will be a part of the famous “Ramayan Circuit” Plan of the Tourism Ministry. The union government is also executing plans of Krishna Circuit and Buddha Circuit in order to expand the domestic tourism. Mahesh Sharma had already stated to media that “We want to establish a world class museum so that the world could know about lord Ram and the great epic Ramayana.”

Ministry of Cultural Affairs is also planning to do an international seminar on Ramayan around Ayodhya this year and dignitaries from 12 different countries are expected to attend the event.

Although, while addressing the local media at Ayodhya , Mahesh Sharma denied about using the name of Lord Ram for electoral gains and said –“For us in BJP the devotion and politics are two different things, so you should not mix up the two.”

BJPs worry or BJP’s hurry?

But political experts in Lucknow believe that BJP is in a hurry to utilize the name of Lord Ram due to Akhilesh who had went a step ahead and had already announced an International Ramleela Theme Park at the banks of river Saryu in Ayodhya. UP Cabinet had also approved the plan for this theme park in order to promote tourism and for providing employment to local youth.

Ashwini Bhatnagar, senior journalist and political expert told WFN –“BJP is in no mood to leave Ramlala(Lord Ram) in any case, and this announcement comes days after Akhilesh had announced his theme park, They will use the name of the Lord this year also but seems they will change tactics.”

While on the other hand BSP Supremo Mayawati had thrashed both BJP and SP for using religious figures as tools of election. Although both BJP and SP had denied the allegations made by her but as the old saying goes in the hindi heartland –“Anything is permissible in the name of Ram.” We can expect much more religion in UP politics in the upcoming days.

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