Gayatri Prajapati case: Rape survivor slams mom for taking money

Gayatri Prajapati
Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh police arrest senior Samajwadi Party leader and gang rape accused Gayatri Prajapati in Lucknow on March 15, 2017. (Photo: IANS)

Chitrakoot (Uttar Pradesh), Aug 29 In a major development in a rape case involving former Uttar Pradesh Minister Gayatri Prajapati, the rape survivor has accused her mother of withdrawing the criminal charges against Prajapati after taking “crores of rupees from him”.

The girl and her mother were allegedly raped by the former minister and his aides. The accused were arrested on the directives of the Supreme Court in March 2017.

The girl late on Wednesday uploaded her video statement on the social media. She appeared scared as she said she was not only a victim in the case but is also a witness and she feared for her life.

“The accused former minister has been feigning illness and is admitted to a hospital where he has easy access to his men,” she said. The girl further said that she was being followed by some men in a car with black screen.

It may be recalled that the girl’s mother, who had earlier accused the former minister of rape, had withdrawn her statement in July by submitting an application in the special MP-MLA court in Prayagraj.

The mother, retracted her statement in the court, saying that the former minister did not rape her but two of his aides did.

The mother, who belongs to Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh, had earlier claimed that in 2014, Prajapati had called her to Lucknow on the pretext of giving her a job and a house and then raped her, along with his aides.

She had said that the accused also raped her minor daughter and made a video of the act and kept blackmailing her.

She had then alleged that her complaint was not registered and finally, it was on the directives of the Supreme Court that Prajapati and his aides were arrested.

The accused Gayatri Prajapati was a minister in the Akhilesh Yadav led Samajwadi Party government from 2012-2017.

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