Fuel on the rise! Petrol costs Rs 89.54 per litre in Mumbai

Petrol Price

Mumbai, Sep 18 : Petrol prices soared to fresh record high levels on Tuesday and the continuous surge in fuel prices has affected people in Mumbai the most, with petrol retailing at Rs. 89.54 per litre and diesel at Rs. 78.42 per litre.

While petrol and diesel being sold at Rs. 82.16 and Rs. 73.87 per litre respectively in the national capital.

A litre of petrol is being sold for Rs. 83.91 and diesel for Rs. 75.53 in Kolkata, the petrol and diesel prices in Chennai rose to Rs. 85.31 and Rs. 78, respectively.

The constant rise in fuel prices is strengthening citizens’ demand for government’s intervention in the matter.

The continuous hike in the fuel price is being witnessed from the past few days, causing much trouble for the common people.

The Modi government has maintained that external factors, including a rise in international crude oil prices, are influencing domestic fuel prices

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