From Kolkata to Canada, Lisa Ray suggests travel hot-spots

Lisa Ray loves to travel, and the actress is now helping her fans and admirers in forming their 2016 travel diary. From a rendezvous on stunning beaches, ayurvedic retreats, a romantic affair with France to a dose of the past in Kolkata – she has jotted her favourite destination spots.The actress, who will be seen in “Ishq Forever”, said: “With the year coming to an end, I’ve jotted down a few of my most favourite places across the globe, hoping for my experiences to inspire a few travel heads to simply pack their bags and go off to explore some great places around the world making their new year worth while”.


Here’s her top picks:

* Siem Reap, Cambodia: Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat makes me believe in the limitless potential of all human beings. I beg of us to leave our televisions behind and experience the alchemy of creative process.

* Florence, Italy: Words might fall short of how beautiful this gem of a place is. Set in the South of France, Florence is an old city with love and beauty all around you.

* Evian Resort, France: France is not simply called the city of love for no reason. Evian Resort located in the beautiful Évian-les-Bains, a French city located in the Rhone-Alps region. Between the lush green nature, is Evian Resort standing gorgeously opposite Genéve Lake.


* Ulpotha, Sri Lanka: Situated in the heart of Sri Lanka is this beautiful eco- village called “Ulpotha”. Offering its visitors amazing services of yoga, ayurveda retreats and spa’s, Ulpotha is a place of complete peace and is open to guests around the year for holidays as well as retreats.

*Hermanus, Cape Town: I visited Herman’s recently for the shoot of my upcoming film- ‘Ishq Forever’ and instantly fell on love. Stunning beaches to table top hills and extremely well natured people made this city a must in every travelers list.

* Rhone Valley, France: Through the beautiful cities and country side of France, I went boat tripping from the South of France to Avigno to Rhone Valley. Watching the beautiful sunset and the even more beautiful sunrise accompanied with some good food and champagne was the highlights of the trip.


* Nova Scotia, Canada: Having lived in Canada for years now, the one place I personally favour is Nova Scotia. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean stands the Sambro Island Lighthouse, beautiful yet tells a story of the destinations historical events.

* Kolkata, India: There truly is no place like home. Travelling to Kolkata is simply like travelling to the past. The unique architecture of the city, the sweet sound of the language, mouth watering food and not to forget it’s transportation system will definitely give you the chills of the past.

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