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Delhi Violence: Petrol bombs, bullets, stones rain over Maujpur

The Delhi Police have currently closed the metro stations in the violence-prone areas. The entrance and exit gates of Jaffarabad, Maujpur-Babarpur, Gokulpuri, Johri Enclave and Shiv Vihar metro stations have been closed.



Maujpur anti CAA Violence

New Delhi, Feb 25 : The Maujpur-Babarpur metro station has become a battle ground with rival groups pelting each other with stones and throwing petrol bombs with bullets being fired intermittently.

As the day wore on, the ambulances were frequently seen transporting the injured.

Helmets are in huge demand as stone pelting from both sides is incessant. Armed with iron and wooden rods, the rioters let out a “war cry” when a projectile hits someone in the rival camp.

Policemen continue to fire tear gas shells even as rioters cover their faces with wet handkerchiefs.

A small bridge over a drain is the only link between both sides.

Journalists covering the violence are heckled and forced to delete pictures or videos.

Glass bottles, a piece of cloth and petrol are just the things they need to make a petrol bomb.

Joint Commissioner of Police Alok Kumar, who is leading his force, told IANS, “The situation is tense. We are trying to bring it under control.”

But the “war cries” echo across the area as Kumar tells his men to fire tear gas shells and protect themselves from petrol bombs and bullets. He himself ducked as stones were flung towards him.

On Tuesday afternoon, stone-throwing was reported from Kardampuri area near the Maujpur metro station area.

Locals claimed that four bullets were fired by an unidentified person in which a person was injured and taken to a hospital.

A journalist covering the protest got a bullet injury. He was shifted to Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital.

At Maujpur metro station, a large number of people carrying the Tricolour and sticks have gathered to protest against those sitting near the Jaffarabad metro station over the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

The protest over the CAA and the NRC started on Saturday night when women protesters staged a sit-in near the metro station.


3 patients in Delhi Cancer Institute test Covid-19 positive

The hospital is not for COVID-19 treatment and is finding the source of the infection.




coronavirus hospital

New Delhi, April 9 : After 21 staffers of the Delhi State Cancer Institute, three patients admitted to the hospital also tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday.

After several staff members tested positive, the hospital decided to test the patients as well.

According to the administration, at least three patients have been tested positive so far, while reports of others are awaited.

The hospital is not for COVID-19 treatment and is finding the source of the infection.

So far, total 21 staff, including three doctors, one sanitation worker and 17 nursing staff have been tested positive, with the hospital saying most of the staff tested positive were asymptomatic.

Delhi has so far reported 720 coronavirus cases.

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50 contractual doctors resign in Gwalior

One of the doctors on the condition of anonymity said that once they accepted the new contract, they would not be able to quit. ESMA could be a new deterrent.





Gwalior, April 10 : At a time when Madhya Pradesh is facing acute shortage of doctors, 50 doctors appointed on contractual basis at Jayarogya Hospital of Government Gajra Raja Medical College here resigned on Thursday.

Their resignations followed an order from state Medical Education Department seeking their consent for renewal of contract beyond three months. Of the 82 doctors on roll, 50 have resigned refusing the offer.

Dr. S.N. Iyenger, Dean Gaja Raja Medical College, said: “The contractual appointment was temporarily given for three months to 82 doctors who had completed MBBS and internship at Jairogya Hospital. A new order from the state government sought the doctors’ consent for continuation of contractual appointment. 50 said they did not want to continue working.”

Dr. Iyengar said these resignations have nothing to do with the order pertaining to enforcing Essential Services Maintenance Act that was invoked on Thursday.

He said one year’s service is mandatory in government hospital as a medical officer after completion of the MBBS course and internship. A three-months temporary contract appointment was given to these doctors. Now while 32 of these doctors are still working. Currently patients suffering from corona are being treated at Jairogya Hospital and most of the doctors have been dedicated to corona cases.

One of the doctors on the condition of anonymity said that once they accepted the new contract, they would not be able to quit. ESMA could be a new deterrent. The scare of corona had forced them to rethink on continuation.

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COVID-19: Defence Colony turns fortress after 3 of family test positive





New Delhi, April 9 (IANS) A thick layer of dust on vehicles parked on deserted roads, police patrolling units deployed at almost every junction of roads, nothing similar to the famous scenes of Delhi’s posh Defence Colony.

But such has been the impact of deadly COVID-19 that most of the residents of the colony remain indoors, rest are forced to be indoors with continuous monitoring by Delhi Police. The scenes emerged after three members of a family in the colony, whose private security guard had attended the congregation at the Tablighi Jamaat Markaz in Nizamuddin in March, were found Covid-19 positive.

“For someone who would have come here earlier, Defence Colony never looked so dull. But then it is essential to be in quarantine especially after four people are already confirmed to be affected,” Prakash who has lived in the colony for over 8 years told IANS. The fear of the pandemic was such that many residents have told their domestic helps to not return to work until the lockdown is lifted completely.

“Private guards or domestic help in most of the houses have been instructed to stay at home during these times. Most of the houses in the colony are following the trend. Only the colony guards are being called in for work and they are also being given proper protection kits,” Punkaj Malhotra, a former RWA member said.

Many also claimed that they have told their domestic help to take 2 months of paid leave so social distancing can be followed strictly.

“I made sure both of my domestic helps were at home and also paid them 2 months of salary in advance,” Geeta Bhargava, General Secretary of Defence Colony RWA said.

She added that the RWA has not advised all residents to follow the same.

Meanwhile the locality has closed all its entry and exit gates, except for two which can be used to enter or exit the colony after due checking by private security guards and policemen.

“We have taken up the sanitation work, and the colony residents led by the RWA President Major Ranjit Singh have decided to make sanitation their priority,” Bhargava said.

The Delhi Police has also started to make announcements of COVID-19-related guidelines and precautions on a regular interval.

“Announcements to follow lockdown and COVID-19-relatedadvisories are being made by our patrolling parties. We are also making sure that anyone who steps out of their residence has proper mask and gloves,” Atul Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Southern district, told IANS.

The police has also registered an FIR against the guard for withholding the information from his employers, Thakur added.

“The family lived on the ground floor of a building. They have been admitted to a private hospital. Other members of the family and those living on other floors of the building have been asked to remain in home quarantine,” the DCP said.

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