Fresh Chinese incursion in Arunchal Pradesh, Modi govt admits it after 4 days


Fresh Chinese incursion took place on June 9,a day before naval exercise of India, united States and Japan in Malabar as 250 China’s Peoples Liberation Army soldiers entered Arunachal Pradesh’s east district of Kameng .

On June 9 the deliberations over India’s bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) were also taken up in Vienna,
China flexed its muscles by claiming Arunachal Pradesh as its own by sending hundreds of its troops into the state’s East Kameng district.
The Chinese troops spent about three hours on this side of the border before going back to their territory, the sources said.

Four days after the development, defence officials admitting that a “transgression” had occurred in East Kameng and termedit was a “temporary” one. The Indian Army is soon expected to lodge a protest with Beijing.

The most significant point is that Pentagon submitted to the US Congress last month  cited a September 2015 border skirmish between the two Asian giants in northern Ladakh.

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