French PM open to temporary ban on foreign financing of mosques


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says he is considering a temporary ban on the foreign financing of mosques after a series of attacks reportedly perpetrated by Islamic State, including the recent Nice tragedy and the killing of a priest at French church.

Speaking to Le Monde newspaper, Valls said that France needs to re-think its relationship with Islam.


“I believe in particular that the imams should be trained in France and elsewhere. I support that there won’t be any foreign financing for the construction of mosques for a period to be determined,” Valls said.

The French PM added that he hopes that “millions of Muslims in our country will be loyal to play the democratic game and will stick to our republican values.”

“We must be uncompromising with those who defend fundamentalist ideologues and those who, under a fundamentalist discourse, prepare the minds to violence. Salafism has no place in France,” he added.


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