‘Freedom 251’ scam Kingpin, Mohit Goel arrested in new 200 crore ‘dry fruits’ fraud

4 others have also been arrested along with Mohit. Three of them are foreigners who were hired to rob customers and merchants.
mohit goel freedom 251
mohit goel freedom 251

In 2016, a Noida-led company announced a smartphone for Rs 251. Mohit Goel announced the freedom call for just Rs 251 and millions of people booked the phone online. But later this phone never came out and Mohit came under huge scrutiny.

Now the year is 2021 and Mohit Goel is once again in the limelight. This time Mohit Goel is in the grip of the police as he has been accused of frauding at least Rs 200 crore. According to the reports, Mohit Goel has charged thousands of traders across the country in the name of the dry fruit business. The main thing is that Mohit Goel has already several cases registered to his name and has gone to jail, but every time he has come out and cheated people in a different way.

Arrested after over 40 complaints

Mohit Goel has been arrested by Noida Police from Sector 51. 4 others have also been arrested along with Mohit. They worked at Mohit Goel’s company Dubai Dry Fruits and Spices Hub. Three of them are foreigners who were hired to scam customers and merchants.

They used to handle receptions. Noida Police said, 60 kg of dry fruits, Audi cars, and all documents have been recovered from Goel. This time Mohit Goel had opened an office in Sector 62, Noida, and duped traders into exporting dry fruits. More than 40 complaints have been received against him from Punjab, Haryana, UP, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and other states.

Office rent of Rs 3 lakh, foreign receptionist and 200 crores cheated

According to the information, Mohit Goel, who was carrying out this cheating, was paying a monthly rent of 3 lakh. Not only that, the foreign people were stationed at the reception, which made the traders fall into his bluff. At present, the police have sent Mohit Goel and his 4 accomplices to jail and are investigating the entire matter. Mohit Goel’s dry fruit scam is reported to be worth over Rs 200 crore.

Has already gone to jail many times before

In the Freedom 251 case, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya had registered a case against Mohit Goel. After which the High Court had seized Mohit Goel’s passport. Mohit Goel has also gone to jail for the land issue and providing 4G smartphones for Rs 2999 apart from Freedom 251 case.

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