France will set-up six nuclear reactors in India


French President Francois Hollande has announced that he will set-up six nuclear reactors in India .On Monday in New Delhi after talks with Prime Minister Modi ,Hollande said in a joint press conference.

Security between the two leaders, ranging from military cooperation to combat terrorism and discussed issues such as nuclear energy.


The two leaders addressed a joint press conference. Highlights of their conversation.

-France in India to set up six nuclear reactors, which will be used in electricity production.

-India will buy 36 Rafael fighter jets from France, This is about the only thing on financial issues

-France will help to create smart cities in India. It will help India in the field of solar energy.


-Hollande said France is interested in India’s space program. Ongoing cooperation will be strengthened.

-The French president said French companies in India in India ‘will join. They will invest here and bring techniques .

-France will help India in security matters. Cooperation between French and Indian army said.

-France will swap intelligence with India. From going abroad to join extremist activities in France will help India.


-Indian companies doing business in France will be helping in every way.

-Narendra Modi to purchase aircraft from France formally declared Rafael

-He also emphasized the Indo-French military cooperation and thanked India for Hollande.

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