Fragrances decide your personality


New Delhi, July 14: Choose of fragrance vary from soothing to strong depends on personality. Many different brands come with lot of variants to suit you, say experts.

Shikhee Agrawal, Head Trainer at The Body Shop, and Rohit Kumar Agrawal, founder at, have listed a guide to help you out:

* The hyper:
The person who is socialised and loves meeting new people, then go for fragrance that is a mix of spicy and woody notes. Perfumes such as vanilla, grapefruit and sandalwood would enhance the magnetism of your personality.

* The introverts:
If shy, reserved and deep thinkers then choose a scent that is subtle and serene like aquatic, Fijian water and cherry blossoms will match perfect with your personality.

* Elegant and classy:
If you like to stand out in the crowd and make a statement, then opt for fragrances that are dominant in oriental ingredients such as amber, musk and vanilla.

* Free spirited and easy going:
The one who live in the present and happily work prefer pure fruity and citrus fragrances. Think of ingredients like passion fruit, peaches, grapefruits and a tinge of lemon while deciding what perfume to buy.

* Passionate romantics:
If you are a jolly person and rainy season changes the mood, layer yourself with the mesmerising aroma of jasmine and rose. White musk is also the one which can attract your partner towards you.

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