Former PM Manmohan Singh’s flight nearly crashed in 2007


Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was saved from a tragic accident in 2007 when the Air India flight he was flying nearly crashed while it was approaching to land in Moscow.


The incident dates back to November 11, 2007 when the then PM Manmohan Singh was travelling to Russia on an official visit.

The report, published online on Wednesday, claims the Air India One flying Dr Singh failed to lower its landing gear in time while landing at the Moscow airport.

The corrective action by pilots of the Boeing 747 was taken only after being alerted by the Moscow Air Traffic Control (ATC).

The ATC, upon noticing the error, had warned the pilots that they had failed to lower the aircra ft wheels. Warning lights in the cockpit also alerted the pilots, the report said.

As per the TOI report, the flight’s data recorder (FDR) showed that the VVIP aircraft flew below the ‘electronic glide slope’ before being corrected.
TOI spoke to many pilots to understand if safety procedures were breached on that VVIP flight. “What is perplexing is that according to the FDR data of this flight, the aircraft descended to a rather low height before corrective action was taken. Simultaneously, the ATC warned the aircraft that its landing gear is not down and alarm bell sounded in cockpit,” said a senior commander who trains and examines junior pilots.

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