Five tricks to shine your eyes


New Delhi, Jan 11: Everybody wants to look beautiful and seeks everyone’s attention when in a party or any event. The first thing from which you can get the attention is your eyes. So get ready to beautify your eyes with these five simple tricks.

Keep an eye primer, highlighter, mascara and more to make your eyes beautiful, says a make-up artist.

Make-up artist Puja Taluja suggests how:premier* Eye primer: It’s important to always use an eye primer before starting the make-up on the eyes. This helps to intensify the colour of the eye shadow, smoothen out the eye lids and also makes the eye make-up last longer.highlighter* Highlighter: Using a highlighter on the brow bone gives a beautiful shape to the eyes and makes them look more striking.mascara* Mascara: Using the right mascara can really help open out eyes. And it’s important to use the mascara in an outward and upward direction.eyeliner* Eye liner: Depending on the look you want to choose, you can choose that shape with an eye liner. For instance winged eyes or cat* Kohl pencil: If you don’t have well-defined almond shape eyes, then you should avoid filling a lot of kohl as it makes your eyes look smaller.

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