First Job? 5 essential Ways To Make A Great Impact!


Moving from college to working in job is quite stressful, as everybody knows the truth !Here are the 6 safe ways which can help you work happily and dedicatedly.

  • Make a habit of making notes, according to the work assigned

There are so many things to do in a stressful environment and sometimes things might slip your mind. Making a habit of making notes and then ticking them off once they’re done helps you work in a more organised manner without missing anything.

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  • Have healthy Breakfast

Make sure you start your weekdays with a healthy breakfast to power you through the day and then keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer. When you’re feeling low, take a walk or make yourself a coffee.



  • Be a friend to Everyone

Its essential to work professionally in the working Environment but its Important to have friends, introduce yourself at work, and get acquainted with people from other departments.



  • Train those who bat ears

Keep your head down and do your work. This is the advice we’ve all gotten, right? Time to change the old, new-age office ethics say you should be aware of your surroundings and of the people that you work with. Know who does what at work and which department does what.


  • Do not Compare yourself with others

Do not get bothered by how much someone earns or what someone’s designation is. As long as you’re focusing to be an efficient employee, Everyone has their own Identity Be you have faith in yourself, competition is good but it should be healthy.


  • Let your Periods become a symbol of your strength

Define your own path at work and break out of the monotony. Just like Ayesha Aziz, Ashwini Ponappa and Anahita Dhondhy – three young women in India who have made their mark in their respective fields. They didn’t let their periods bring them down and have learnt how to #OwnThose5Days.



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