FIR against Kangana Ranaut in Bihar, politician angry over derogatory remarks

In the same tweet, Upendra Kushwaha and other leaders have been addressed as Azad Kashmir, liberal, jihadist, urban naxal and Khalistani.
kangana ranaut

On Friday, Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP) registered an FIR case against actress Kangana Ranaut in Patna civil court after the star accused party chief Upendra Kushwaha of insulting her.

On one hand, while the National Lok Samta Party registered a strong objection to actress Kangana Ranaut’s tweets, stating it has insulted the party’s president, Upendra Kushwaha, on the other, it also termed the star’s undignified comment as one that could spread hatred in the country and society.

The party’s national general secretary and spokesperson Fazal Imam Mallick said that the tweet shows the mindset of Kangana, who just for the sake of cheap publicity indulges in this kind of hypocrisy on social media. Mallick added that the tweet has hurt millions of party workers.

Seems like the RLSP has taken Kangana’s comment rather seriously and has lodged a case against the actress and Twitter India under section 501 (a), 502 A and 505 of IPC and section 66 A of IT Act in the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate of Patna.

The state president of the law cell of RLSP, advocate Bihari Singh lodged a case against Kangana Ranaut, which was registered in Gaya on Thursday.

On December 3, 2020, Kangana shared an election meeting photo of RLSP President Upendra Kushwaha in a tweet where she had mention ‘new star in Tukde Tukde gang’.

In the same tweet, Upendra Kushwaha and other leaders have been addressed as Azad Kashmir, liberal, jihadist, urban naxal and Khalistani.

On December 4, Upendra Kushwaha lodged a strong objection to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet, accusing her of misusing the photograph of an old RLSP election meeting and questioning whether she would get an entry into political by doing so.

A Twitter account with handle name Yo Yo Funny Singh had shared a photo of an old election meeting attended by Upendra Kushwaha and other RLSP leaders and later Kangana had retweeted it from her Twitter handle on which Kushwaha had expressed deep displeasure and even tagged DGP Bihar, DGP Maharashtra and Mumbai police, urging them to take stern action against the two.

In fact, on December 4, party’s national general secretary and spokesman Fazal Imam Mallick, in two separate tweets, complained to the police officers of Bihar and Maharashtra and the officials of Twitter India namely Mahima Kaul and Manish Maheshwari, but neither Twitter nor Kangana expressed regret over the tweet and even the police did not take cognizance of it.

So, now, RLSP first lodged a complaint in Gaya, then Patna and now has decided to file a complaint against the actress in every district of Bihar.

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