Finally got time to spend with family: DSP Joginder Sharma

Joginder recently gave an interview wherein he divulged the details of his routine as a DSP.
cricketer Joginder Sharma

New Delhi, April 13 : Former Indian cricketer Joginder Sharma, who is now serving as a Deputy Superintendent of Police in Hisar district of Haryana, is currently making sure people stay indoors and adhere to the guidelines of the government during the ongoing lockdown in place amid the coronavirus outbreak.

And for discharging his duties, he has to be available 24/7. As he comes in contact with many people, the former Indian cricketer said that he doesn’t even go home to avoid any risk after his duty hours end. However, on Sunday, he finally got a chance to meet his family in Rohtak, 110 kilometres from Hisar.

“Finally, after a long, I got time to spend with my family…Motivating kids to be strong and stay happy at home…,” Joginder tweeted along with a video of him playing cricket with his children.

Joginder recently gave an interview wherein he divulged the details of his routine as a DSP.

“My day starts around six in the morning. Today I started at 9am and am returning home now (8pm). But I need to be ready for emergency calls, so effectively I am available for duty 24 hours, and I can’t say no,” Joginder said.

“The area that I need to oversee is mostly in the rural belt of Hisar. Right now, it involves guarding various check-posts and instructing not just truck and bus drivers but also common people about the virus. The basic message is: do not get out of the house unless you need to. If someone is outside without any purpose, we can sanction them under various legal acts,” he added.

The former medium pacer had a short international career of four ODIs and four T20Is but was immortalised when he took the wicket of Misbah-ul-Haq in the 2007 World T20 final against Pakistan in South Africa.

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