Fiji-The Perfect Luxury Honeymoon Destination

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Honeymoon provides first memorable moments in one’s life as a couple and sets a stage how the couple treats each other and sets a base of their relationship for life. Some of the great memories of your honeymoon will help to add sparks to your life and will stay evergreen.

Fiji is a hands down choice for to spend your honeymoon in the South Pacific. Fiji is considered to be the crown jewel of romance. There are 333 sun-kissed, picture perfect islands tucked away in the south pacific and close to Australia as well as New Zealand. Fiji has warm tropical climate for a perfect beachside honeymoon.

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Fiji island offers luxurious honeymoon resorts, white sandy beaches and unbelievable sunsets that create a perfect backdrop for honeymooners to begin their married life together. Some of the luxury resorts are located on private islands and some are set on a larger island, most offering a exclusive honeymoon experience with fabulous spas, candle light outdoor dinners, beach picnics and beach activities.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Fiji as your Honeymoon Destination

– Unspoiled Paradise – you will love the beauty of the unspoiled paradise of the Fiji Islands.

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– Find your preferred stretch of deserted beaches – There are a several small beaches where the pure white sands are hidden along the turns and twists of the island coastlines. One can explore the stretch of beautiful beaches with a gourmet basket and not have another person in site. Your resort will also help you to set up a picnic table, lunch for you and leave you to enjoy the serene beauty.

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– Discover the wonders of Fijian Waters – As Fiji consists of over 300 islands, the crystal clear waters between the islands change the shade as the sun moves. There are several opportunities to enoy the waters of Fiji on a cruise, kayak or a catamaran. One can also indulge in some of the fun watersports.

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– Look below the surface of Waters for True Beauty – The beauty of Fiji extends way beyond its people and beautiful lagoons, ocean and beaches. There is a whole new world to explore under the surface of water. One can snorkel  or dive or enjoy the ‘Soft Coral’s, Fiji is considered to be the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’, there are some amazing reefs, colourful species of fish, sea turtles and giant blue starfish to experience beneath the sea.

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– Get a Perfect Souviner on your Honeymoon – The South Pacific pearls found in Fiji are known the world over for their beauty and elegance. These black pearls would be a perfect souvinier to take home. One can also visit one of the pearl farms.

Having a spa treatment – Wherever you are in the Fiji Islands and whatever type of treatment you choose, your spa experience will be one to remember. (Read the first paragraph of my article below for one of my most unforgettable ones, lying on a giant banana leaf!)

Banana Leaf massage, Rainforest Spa, Koro Sun Resort, Fiji
Banana Leaf massage, Rainforest Spa, Koro Sun Resort, Fiji

Banana Leaf body wrap massage, Rainforest Spa, Koro Sun Resort, Fiji (Photo credit: Koro Sun Resort)

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