Fighting social stigma: Women in MP village set up a sanitary pad manufacturing unit

madhya pradesh padwomen
madhya pradesh padwomen

Challenging the static and rigid notion of the society about the sanitary pads, women in Jabua’s Amba Khodra village has started a manufacturing unit of sanitary napkins. Overcoming opposition from the village; women say ‘we can now do everything easier without any worry’.

One of the unit members said,”Women used to risk their health. Then we took a loan under National Rural Livelihood Mission & established the unit.”

Earlier women and girls were using clothes in periods but now they have started purchasing pads from them. “The unit now earns Rs 900- Rs 1000 per month & make 600-700 pads every month,” the unit member added.

Hemlata, the group leader of the unit claimed that when the work was started they faced opposition from the elders & men of the village who said they won’t allow this as this is a dirty job. “But the women’s determination made this possible,” she said proudly.

Commenting on the achievement, DPM  National Rural Livelihood Mission Jhabua said,”earlier pads were not used, the issue was a taboo & never discussed.”

“Women used old methods & fell prey to infections. We talked to them & they decided to start this. They faced severe opposition initially but slowly they made it possible,” he added.


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