Fight against Islamic State : Britain to support UN, halts cooperation with US


United Nations, Aug 24 : British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said Britain will fully support the UN’s efforts to fight against the Islamic State (IS).Recently, Britain has halted cooperation with the U.S. in the case of two British Islamic State fighters pending an appeal, the government said , after concerns that they could face the death penalty provoked a backlash.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday before proceeding to preside over a UN Security Council meeting on the threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts, Hunt, whose country holds the Council presidency in August, said that “Britain wants to give every support to the UN in its efforts to continue a successful fight against the IS,” Xinhua reported.


The U.S. has designated the two men, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, as global terrorists and accuses them of being part of a cell that beheaded U.S. citizens. They are currently being held by Kurdish forces in Syria.

Hunt noted that Britain will also support the UN “to find new ways to prevent the re-emergence of the military capabilities” of the terrorist group.

The foreign secretary noted that the military action “has been very successful” in driving the IS from “practically old territory” in Syria and Iraq.

However, he warned that in spite of the success, the terrorist group has evolved into a terrorist network, which still has “attraction” to followers in many countries.



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